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During Cancer Treatment

Increasing the effect of chemotherapy agents;

Production of cancer-fighting chemicals within the body;

Improve energy levels and reduce fatigue;

After Cancer Treatment

Regain strength and mobility;

Post operative rehabilitation and support;

Reducing negative side effects of medication

Reduce cancer recurrence rate

Living With Advanced Cancer

Increased quality of life and vitality;

Prolonging life;

Supportive team and positive environment

What is the canconquer program?

CanConquer is the Illawarra’s first education and exercise program for before, during and after cancer treatment. Based on the huge body of evidence that suggests exercise is very beneficial for cancer patients, we have designed a 10 week program to help people maximise their chances of recovery and return to their lives as well as possible. This program has been designed in conjunction with the PINC Women’s Cancer Rehabilitation Trust (Physiotherapy), and Cancer Council’s own Life Now program.​ ​Our team are certified in Oncology Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

Research has provided amazing evidence that demonstrates exercise potentially vascularising tumour cells and improving the ability of chemotherapy agents to reach these cells. This research has also shown the chemicals released in the body during exercise can actually stunt the growth of tumour cells.  In addition, exercise is one of the best solutions for improving the adverse side effects of cancer specific treatments, and help reduce rates of recurrence.

Based in the Illawarra, our exercise oncology clinic is located within our Physiohealth premises at Corrimal. We are also able to offer a remote service for regionally based patients.

Local oncologists are very supportive of our program and can see the benefits physically, mentally and socially that the participants gain. We liaise with participants GP and Specialist to make sure everyone is in the loop regarding the individuals’ program.

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA)​ has called for:

“Best practice ​cancer care to include referral to an accredited exercise physiologist and/or physiotherapist or other health professionals with specific training in exercise prescription for patients.”

 We have Allied Health Professionals in:

  • Physiotherapy (post operative treatment ie mastectomy and lumpectomy)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Dietetics
  • Remedial Massage
Despite traditional thinking that people undergoing cancer treatment need to rest, new studies are showing that targeted exercise programs can actually improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment and produce cancer-fighting chemicals within the body that are actively shrinking tumours.

Watch the ABC’s episode of Catalyst about Exercise and Cancer here to see how our prescribed exercise programs can help you get the most from your cancer treatment:

Pretty amazing, huh? Let’s kick cancers’ butt together.

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