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How can exercise help with cancer treatment?


It’s been common knowledge for a long time that exercise is good for your health in general, but at CanConquer, we were blown away when we saw research suggesting that exercise can actually help conventional oncology treatments in their effectiveness.

 Studies are emerging that show tumours in mice reduced by up to thirty per cent when the mice were given unlimited access to an exercise wheel, compared to another group who were confined to a sedentary lifestyle. Scientists believe that cancer fighting chemical are actually produced inside the body during exercise. There is also evidence that exercising immediately before and after chemotherapy treatment can increase its effectiveness at getting the chemotherapy agent into the cancer cells.

 The side effects of cancer treatment can often leave patients so deconditioned that when the treatment is finished, returning to normal life can be extremely complicated. The latest research shows that exercise prescription has significant benefits for the recovery and quality of life of patients during and after treatment. A safe, prescribed exercise program that is designed to carry an individual through their individual cancer treatment and aid in their recovery can offer many benefits such as:

 – Regaining range of motion, strength and conditioning;

 – Maintaining muscle mass and aerobic fitness to cope with daily activities

 – Assisting in managing excess weight that may be gained through certain cancer treatments

 – Boosting immune function

 – Increasing and maintaining bone density

 – Reducing fatigue, nausea and pain

 – Greater capacity to cope with and complete treatment cycles

 – Improved mental health and decreased rates of depression and anxiety

 – Being in a supportive, positive environment and connecting with others who understand what you are experiencing.

What can I expect when I come to the CanConquer Clinic?


Each person’s journey is unique and our program is tailored to mean the needs of each individual we work with, but we felt it would mean more coming from someone who has experienced our program for themselves.

Steve is one of our champion clients. We asked him to explain a little about his experience with the CanConquer program and exercising through his cancer treatment. Check out Steve’s story in the video link you can see here.


What happens during my first visit?

Your first visit consists of a 45 minute consultation with a comrehensive assessment and screening so that we can get to know more about you, your type and stage of cancer, your oncology treatment plan and any other health conditions that are relevant. It also allows us to get to know how you’re feeling about the treatment and to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Some of our clients have been very active prior to seeing us and others have never engaged in any structured exercise. We will design your program specifically for you.

We report to your GP, oncologist and any other relevant parties.

We then design your treatment plan and book you in to commence your training.

How much does it cost?

For the initial consult, we use your private health fund or private payment. The full cost is $95 minus the health fund rebates. 

The CanConquer Program’s first 10 sessions are mostly covered by Medicare under a Care Plan issued by your GP.