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Who Are We?


Our CanConquer team includes:

  • 3x Exercise Physiologists
  • Dietitian
  • PINC (Women’s)  & STEEL (Men’s) Cancer Physiotherapist

We run our exercise oncology program out of our Corrimal Physiohealth clinic in the heart of the Illawarra, but we also offer services to some patients regionally via video and apps. Our Corrimal rehab center has expanded to double it’s size to be able to improve the services we offer cancer patients and we even have some wonderful volunteer drivers to transport our cancer patients to and from our clinic from Wollongong Hospital so we can fit in and around their oncology treatment.

Our program is so important to help those affected by cancer tolerate and complete their treatment. Patients can experience multiple side effects from cancer treatment. Exercise has been shown to help manage most of these side effects and also assist with a positive outcome of the treatment.

A specific, targeted cancer exercise program can actually improve the results from oncology treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation as well as reverse cancer treatment-related side effects, increase quality of life and reduce relapse.

The latest research supporting this is exploding out of Universities in WA, Victoria and around the world. Our CanConquer program is based on this research, and there is so much evidence now to say that every person diagnosed with cancer should be prescribed exercise medicine in addition to their standard care.

The most promising research is recommending that people undergoing chemotherapy exercise directly before or after their treatment. It sounds crazy, however the exercise is helping the chemo agent actually get to the cancer cells and be more effective.  In addition to this, the hormones and chemicals released in our bodies during exercise have been shown to stunt the growth of tumour cells. That’s pretty cool. We are passionate about helping people understand this and throw everything they can at fighting cancer.

Our team is super proud of the impact CanConquer has made on the people affected by cancer in our community.

Our Team

Kylie Moffitt

Physiotherapist, Principal Physiotherapist and Accredited Exercise Physiologist

M Phty, B.Ex. Sc. And Rehab (Hons)

Kylie is both a certified PINC Women’s Cancer Physiotherapist and an Accredited Exercise Physiologist trained in oncology specific programs.

Since graduating with Honours from the University of Wollongong in 2000, Kylie has had a wide range of experience working in acute care public and private hospitals, rehabilitation units, musculoskeletal private practice, aged care and geriatric rehabilitation. She now owns and operates the Physiohealth Sports Injury Clinic at Corrimal and is the powerhouse of energy behind Canconquer, the Illawarra’s only exercise oncology program.

Enjoying a busy family life with a husband and three children, Kylie loves getting outdoors when she can and enjoying a wine. Her passion for life is infectious and she is determined to help improve others’ quality of life and help them achieve their goals.

canconquer exercise oncology program

Jess McGrath

Accredited Exercise Physiologist,
Pilates Instructor,
Strength & Conditioning Coach,
CanConquer Exercise Physiologist

Jess is an Accredited Exerices Physiologist who graduated with a Masters of Exercise Physiology from the University of Wollongong. She holds a Certificate III and IV in Fitness and is also a Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association.

Since being part of the CanConquer Program, Jess’s passion for working with patients who are dealing with cancer continues to grow each day. She has a special interest in assistingh women in their rehabilitation after breast cancer treatment and also improving the side effects of their treatment through exercise.

Jess also has a particular interest in working with both kids and athletes to improve their neuromuscular control and strength for injury prevention.

Recently, Jess has become enthusiastic in promoting and implementing the biopsychological approach to chronic pain, particularly lower back pain.

Outside of work, Jess enjoys playing netball, watching movies and going for scnic walks along the coast with friends.

canconquer cancer exercise program

Tegan Huber

Accredited Exercise Physiologist,
Accredited Practicing Dietitian,
Exercise for the Management of Cancer: Exercise Oncology Course (ECU),
Prostate Cancer PD Course
(Exercise Oncology ACU).

Tegan is a dual qualified Exercise Physiologist and Dietician with a Masters in Exercise Rehabilitation and Nutrition / Dietetics from the University of Wollongong. As part of the CanConquer team, Tegan has a strong committment in assisting cancer treatment through exercise and diet. She is particularlly interested in (and has extra training in) the care and management of prostate cancer and mens health.

In addition to cancer, Tegan is passionate about treating chronic pain through use of the biopsychosocial model and helping people with disabilities get the most out of life through the NDIS scheme.

As a dietician, Tegan not only provides nutrition and dietary advice, but health coaching and behaviour change strategies to help her patients make long term lifestyle changes and develop a positive and healthy attitude towards food. (Chocolate and wine should NEVER be forbidden!) She also enjoys a good dose of IBS – well, helping those with it anyway!

In her spare time, Tegan enjoys dancing, action movies, playing piano, being active with family and friends, her cat Klaus and reading up on all things home décor.